Erasmus+ Project 2015-2016



Introduction to Europass Mobility Certificate

The Europass Mobility is a personal document, which is used to record an organised period of time (a mobility experience) that a person spends in another European country for the purpose of learning or training.

Who might use Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility is intended for any person undergoing a mobility experience in a European country, whatever their age or level of education. Europass Mobility might be helpful to you if you are undertaking any of the following:

a work placement in a company abroad
a student undertaking a term abroad as part of a higher education programme
a worker undertaking a voluntary placement in an NGO

The Europass Mobility document is completed by Moate Business College. It contains information regarding the individual, the purpose and duration of the mobility experience, the training and skills acquired abroad etc.



Moate Business College European Erasmus+ Project

24 students from Moate Business College have recently returned to their academic studies, having successfully concluded a three week work placement in Italy and Romania during February and March. 

The project was an outstanding success, with the host organisations abroad complimenting the students on their ability and willingness to participate fully in the day-to-day duties in the work placements.  All of the participants reported that it was a fantastic experience, one which has afforded them the “opportunity of a lifetime”.  Communication skills, confidence building and enhanced employment opportunities within the European Union were the main focus of the project.

Fully funded by the EU and MBC, all students who apply across the many disciplines in the college are shortlisted and interviewed for an opportunity to live and work abroad.  This has resulted in many successful outcomes for our students – from offers to progress to higher education within the EU to permanent employment contacts at home and abroad. Since returning from the project, students have progressed to 3rd Level education (AIT, DCU, Trinity, Limerick School of Art & Design, New Buckinghamshire University)and full-time employment (Social Work, Special Needs Assistants, Air Lingus Cabin Crew).




Congratulations to our students who participated in the project and represented MBC so well.