Administration & Records

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To maintain all aspects of administration and records within a clear-cut and uncomplicated system embracing all criteria of the college and the external bodies concerned and, at the same time, allowing the flexibility needed to accommodate the demands, interests and circumstances of the day.

Formulation of Policy

Formed in consultation with all staff and other stakeholders.


Responsibility of the secretarial & administration staff under the supervision of the director and the registrar. The following records must be kept for a minimum of three years:

Student files
Test results
Student identification Records are held in the college.

Success Criteria

Ease of access to information.

Monitoring Procedure

Access to all information must be controlled and available to authorised persons only. Electronic records must be securely backed up. Paper records must be protected from accidental or malicious interference.

Review Procedures

Annual review of administration procedures by management in consultation with secretarial & administration staff.

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