Application process

When Moate Business College has secured funding from the European Union, the college will proceed with a number of steps to select suitable candidates for the projects each year.


The following is a summary of the Application Process

• All students are informed of the Erasmus+ projects by a Class presentation in September each year. Further to this additional information can be found on the college Online   Information Platform - Moodle.

• Application forms are then distributed around the college and can also be downloaded

• All applications must be submitted on or before 3rd October 2017. No late applications will   be accepted.

• Students will be short listed for interview based on the Application Form.

• Short Listed candidates are requested to attend for an interview.

• Further Short listing takes places to allocate places to the most suitable participants.

• Students will then be informed whether they have or haven't been successfully in their   application.

• Successful student then sign contracts and officially begin the project.

Erasmus+ Application Form

The Erasmus+ Competition is now closed for the 2016/2017 academic year.


What if you are chosen to partake in the Project? – What next?

Students must commit to the project – they must sign a contract to agree to the terms and conditions of the project.
They must attend language and cultural classes in MBC from October- February. These classes will be outside the normal academic timetable e.g. during lunch time.
Students must travel to the respective country and complete the work placement – a Total of 15 days required in the Work Placement
Complete any required documentation before and after the trip. For Example, completing a Final Report upon return to Ireland