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• To facilitate collaborative learning.
• To provide access to resources and expertise without reference to geography.
• To use new information technologies to extend the range of teaching approaches and   the effectiveness and efficiency with which we interact with, and provide for, the   students.
• To encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.
• To offer new opportunities for teaching and learning, or change and enhance existing   teaching and learning methods.


Formulation of policy

This policy has been formulated following consultation with all tutors and following guidelines from awarding bodies.


Responsibility for the efficient implementation of this policy rests with the teaching staff.  Guidelines have been issued to ensure all teaching staff are familiar with all aspects of this policy.

Success Criteria

• E-Learning technologies are becoming more available to students.
• Students are using e-tools and practices to attain their goals.
• Students are seen to take responsibility for their own learning.


Monitoring Procedures

The Information Technology team will meet regularly to review the progression of e-learning courses and the success of the Moate Business College website.
Quality Assurance procedures are in place and implemented

Review Procedures

Internal and external review of procedures are carried out through:

• Internal Audit
• External Verification by Awarding Bodies for any programs that involves an element of e-learning.


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