Professional Development

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To enhance the skills and expertise of the teaching staff. 

Implementation of Policy:

The objectives of this Professional development Policy may be achieved through: 

  • Identifying the developmental needs of teachers through feed back gathered from subject meetings.
  • To identify suitable sources of in-service for teachers through contacts developed with Colleges of Education, Department of Education, and Second Level Support Service.
  • Through subject facilitators, encourage teachers to become active members of their subject associations.
  • Through subject facilitators who will identify sources of material
  • (magazines/websites etc) which may be useful to teachers in the   preparation of classes for state examinations.
  • Through the development of a system of coaching /mentoring



This policy has been formulated by the Principal, Deputy Principals and subject co-ordinators.


At the end of each programme on In-service/Coaching, management/or programme facilitator will survey participating teachers, in an attempt to monitor the perceived effectiveness of the provision.

Success Criteria:

An effective Professional Development Policy will result in:

  • enhanced teaching
  • improved classroom management skills
  • lower level of work related stress
  • monitor through surveys



The Principal, Deputy Principals, Senior Management and subject co-ordinators will review this policy through staff surveys.


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