Policy on Bullying Behaviour among Students

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‘Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or group against others’.  (Dept. of Education & Science 93)


• To ensure the right of each student to enjoy a safe and secure environment where a sense of dignity, self-respect and self-worth is fostered.
• To promote qualities of tolerance, understanding, honesty and respect for the rights of others.

Formulation of Policy

The Director, Deputy Director, the Anti-bullying Committee, Staff  and Students shall formulate the anti-bullying policy

Implementation of Policy

• Inform students on the policy and disciplinary procedures.
• Use the curriculum as a tool to raise awareness of the issue of bullying.
• Incorporate procedures into college rules and sanctions.
• Encourage all members of the college community to be vigilant in detecting and reporting incidents of bullying.
• Ask Directors of feeder colleges for information about victims of bullying.
• Treat any approach about incidents of bullying seriously and keep records of any meetings held.

Monitoring Procedures

The anti-bullying committee will meet regularly.
Incidents of alleged bullying will be reported to the course  meetings.
The Director and Deputy Director will meet with the Anti-bullying Committee and review the programme and evaluate implementation.


In the event of bullying:
• All evidence of bullying will be reported in the first instance to any of the following:
• Any staff member
• A student council member
• The victim will be interviewed by the course co-ordinator and will be offered appropriate support in line with college ethos.
• The bully will be spoken to by the course co-ordinator and the facts as he or she sees them will be ascertained.
• All cases will be recorded and sanctions will be applied in accordance with the code of discipline.

Note: In the event that the teacher/ Director feels that the victim is confident enough, he/ she may suggest that the victim confronts the bully and initiate a discussion on what the victim feels like when bullied.  The Director/ Teacher will be present at this meeting.

Success Criteria.

• A reduction in acts of physical, verbal and psychological aggression.
• Reduction in incidents of isolation, intimidation, ganging up, name-calling and gossip.

Review Procedures.

• The policy shall be reviewed annually by the Director, Deputy Director, and the Anti-bullying Team.
• The view of staff and students will be sought,
• Records of all alleged incidents and any action taken shall be kept.
• Measures will be provided to provide redress and protection for the victim in the
event of bullying.

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