Policy for Computer Systems

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• That all users of College-owned computing systems must respect the rights of other computer users, respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls and respect all pertinent license and contractual agreements.
• That all users and system administrators guard against abuses that disrupt or threaten the viability of systems.
• That all computing facilities and accounts are to be used for college-related activities for which they are assigned.

Formulation of Policy

Management & computing staff formulated the policy

Implementation of Policy

• Appoint a co-ordinator to implement a computer systems policy
• A certain code of conduct is expected for users of computer facilities in the College and is outlined clearly in the student handbook – All staff are to implement these rules
• Appoint computer staff to oversee that maintenance procedures are carried out in each computer room and recorded appropriately.

Monitoring Procedures

Management & Computer staff will conduct ongoing monitoring through informal and formal meetings and procedures adopted will be reviewed.

Success Criteria

That computer systems are operating sufficiently.

Review Procedures

The views of staff will be sought on a regular basis and regular meetings of IT staff held.

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