Dignity in the workplace

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A core employment value is the commitment to ensuring that each individual is guaranteed a working environment, which recognises that individual's right to be treated with dignity both by management and work colleagues.

This approach is a positive emphasis on the importance of each individual and the contribution s/he makes to the success of the workplace. It guarantees the optimal working conditions that allow individuals to freely maximise their role in the workforce. Sound management ethos is based on providing leadership that encourages individuals in this regard. This is best achieved through the creation and maintenance of a positive working environment.
Integral to this employment value and in particular to the principle of mutual respect is the commitment to provide a workplace free from bullying.


To create and maintain a positive working environment that recognises and protects the right of each individual to dignity at work

To ensure that all individuals are aware of and committed to the principles set out in this Charter


"We at Moate Business College commit ourselves to working together to maintain a workplace environment that encourages and supports the right to dignity at work. All who work here are expected to respect the right of each individual to dignity in their working life. All will be treated' equally and respected for their individuality and diversity. Bullying in any form is not accepted by us and will not be tolerated. Our policies and procedures will underpin the principles and objectives of this Charter.

All individuals, whether directly employed or contracted by Moate Community College have a duty and responsibility to uphold this Dignity at Work Charter.

College Management and Trade Union Representatives where applicable in the workplace have a specific responsibility to promote its provisions"

Nothing in this Charter overrules a person's legal and statutory rights
This Charter is endorsed by:

Chairperson/Secretary Board of Management:

Teacher Union Representative(s)

Trade Union Representatives of the non-teaching:

Non Trade Union Representatives of the non-teaching staff:


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