Staff Induction

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  • To help the new teacher to feel that he/she is a valuable member of staff with an important contribution to make, no matter how long or short his/her stay is in the college.
  • To help new staff members become familiar with their surroundings and the day-to-day running of the college in order to carry out their work successfully.


Formation of policy:

The principal, deputy principals and the board of management shall formulate policy on induction of new staff members.

Implementation of policy:

The new staff member:

  • Should be introduced when all the staff members are present
  • Should be given a copy of the timetable, the college rules and practical advice on the day-to-day running of the college, disciplinary procedures, etc, by the relevant head of the department.
  • Should be given a guided tour or the college
  • Should be formally introduced to his/her classes (by the principal?)
  • Should be given a list of class names and relevant information pertaining to particular students.
  • Each new teacher will be provided with a mentor who will provide continuing help and support during the new teachers first year in the college.
  • The principal, relevant department head, the social committee and all staff have a part to play in the integration of new staff members.


Monitoring procedure-

  • The mentor, who shall report to the principal as required, shall monitor the operation of the policy.


Success criteria:

Success can be judged by direct feedback from the new staff members

Review procedures:

The principal, deputy principal shall review the policy annually, following feedback.

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