Job Sharing/Career Breaks

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The Board of Management recognises the need for job sharing and career break schemes and will do its utmost to co-operate in the implementation of both schemes.  Where circumstances allow, the Board will consider favourably applications from both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Formulation of Policy

In these matters, the Board of Management has a responsibility to students, parents, teachers and other staff members and must at all times protect their interests.  In light of recent experiences the Board feels it must draw up a policy in relation to Job Sharing and Career Breaks for both Teaching and Non-Teaching staff so that both schemes can be administered in a fair and consistent manner, recognising the interests of all parties.


Implementation of Policy

  • The policy falls under the guidelines as directed by the Department of Education & Science guidelines.
  • The Board of Management will be prepared to allow Teaching and Non-teaching staff avail of both options, subject to conditions outlined below, on the understanding that a full replacement is supplied by the Department of Education & Science.
  • In the case of teaching staff, all applications will be dealt with at the same time i.e. February meeting.
  • The interests and needs of the school will be the criteria for decision at all times.
  • Suitable replacements must be found before any application is approved.
  • In the case of Job Sharing, whereas every effort will be made to accommodate individual needs, the job sharer will be required to attend school on the five working days, with the needs of the school being the primary determinant.
  • No more than three teachers, one non-teacher will be allowed in any one year, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Applications to be submitted to Board of Management for approval.


Monitoring Procedures

This policy will be monitored by the Board of Management and will be subject to Department of Education & Science guidelines.

Review Procedures

The Board of Management will review this policy on an ongoing basis.         

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