Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Projects

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Moate Business College believes that students can derive a great deal of educational benefit from participating in well planned college/European mobility projects. Such activities give students the opportunity to engage in experiences not available in the classroom, and help develop a student's imaginative skills, encourage greater independence and enhance the student's social and intercultural development.

Leonardo da Vinci is a European Funded programme that allows students in further education to travel to and work in a European country in order to improve and develop individual's personal, social and professional skills. It offers placements and exchanges and targets those in initial vocational training, people available on the labour market and professionals in vocational education and training

Moate Business College has been involved with Leonardo over the past number of years. The college has brought students to Europe on projects such as Tourism Awareness and Business International. During these placements students travelled to a European city, lived with a host family and worked in various work settings.

Moate Business College applies annually to Leargas, the Irish agency charged with administering the European Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Fund. As all applications are not guaranteed to secure funding annually this document will set out a serious of guidelines.

This Plan is designed to outline the various procedures involved in the application, administering and evaluation of the projects. This therefore will help staff Board of believes that students can derive

Management members and others to ensure that students stay safe and healthy as they enjoy the educational experiences.

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