Moate Business College Testimonials - Ciaran MacDomhnaill (Art & Design 2013/14)



Hi I'm Ciaran. If you're reading this you are interested in Moate Business College, so you're the sensible one. A couple of years ago I felt my Leaving Cert didn't prepare me properly for the career I wanted in fashion. Like you I read the MBC prospectus and said to myself "this looks interesting"

As a MBC Art and Design graduate I can honestly say it wasn't just interesting, it was fun and most importantly it got me where I wanted to be, The Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

I am currently studying at AMFI (see above) which is one of the premiere fashion colleges in the world with a very tough admission procedure. I couldn't have secured my place in AMFI without the help of MBC and its many skilled and talented tutors.

In Amsterdam I am currently pattern making, studying visual language and creating a concept collection. The visual skills and creative process I have learned at MBC has been invaluable to me.

At the institute I am hands on in the world of top end fashion and I look forward to the debut of my first collection with AMFI at the renowned Amsterdam Fashion Week.


Ciaran MacDomhnaill