Moate Business College Testimonials - Larina Henehan (Business & Tourism 2007/09)



My name is Larina Henehan and I was in Moate Business College from 2007-2009. The Course that I completed in Moate Business College was Travel and Tourism, from the moment I started the course I enjoyed every bit of the course as I found all of my lectures to be very helpful and understanding. During our first year Brendan the director of the college had organised a college trip to Rome. As we were doing a Travel and Tourism course I found that our trip to Rome was very interesting and educational. Some of the subjects that we did were Communications, Resolving Emergencies and problems, First Aid, Foreign Exchange, Package Holidays, Principles of Marketing and Spanish.

After my time in Moate Business College I then went on to Athlone Institute of Technology where I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spa Management. I found that throughout my duration In Moate Business College and Athlone Institute of Technology that I have gained more knowledge and understanding of the Tourism industry and the Spa industry that I have now decided to progress onto the Beauty Industry where I am currently studying to become a Beauty Specialist. 

Larina Henegan