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Amie Egan - Degree Collection

Amie Egan - Past Art & Design Student at MBC

I attended Moate Business College in 2009 where I completed the Art & Design course. This course gave me the opportunity to prepare a portfolio and apply to colleges.  I found MBC to be inspiring and all the teachers were so helpful.  My passion for fashion design was ignited in Moate Business College where every student gets to appreciate art and becomes aware of their talents and aspirations. After securing a place in the National College of Art and Design I began my four year degree. The first year covered general studies in art, design and visual culture. I then specialised in Fashion design.

After college I spent time interning with designers and stylists, as well as working on my own designs and ideas. I entered competitions, for example the Persil competition which I won in 2014.  My designs were produced and sold in Dunnes Stores (located throughout Ireland), selling out in record time.

In the coming months/years I would love to work at Vivienne Westwood in London. I aim to work on some new projects and collections of my own to develop my skills and gain more experience. I will then apply for Master Courses, for example at Central Saint Martins (CSM), London College of Fashion (LCF) or Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). I’m interested in AMFI as the two-year full-time Master programme is designed to help young entrepreneurs set up innovative fashion enterprises.
My main areas of interest are in research, design and sustainability. The Fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world; it creates a great amount of waste and uses huge amounts of water. This is very worrying and is both the job of the designer and the consumer to change how we produce and buy clothes.

As a designer I would hope to create beautiful and useful garments without having a negative impact on the planet.


amie egan

Amie Egan - Degree Collection