Moate Business College - Past Student Catherine Bracken




My name is Catherine Bracken and from September 2011 to May 2012 I was a student in Moate Business College.  

I had come to a point in my life where I wanted to do something totally different, having worked as a secretary for 30 years.  In my mind I was considering a profession in caring and having had a meeting with the Community Education Officer of Offaly V.E.C., I decided to opt for childcare and began looking up courses for same.

Having done research on the internet I found that Moate Business College offered me the course I wanted to do.  It was a full time course in Childcare Level 5. 

I think my biggest concern was how I would fit in with much younger students but was delighted on the first day there to find that I wasn’t the only ‘mature’ student in the College.  I think the diversity of ages and nationalities doing Childcare added to the whole experience.  Despite the fact that over 500 students attend the College there was a relaxed and homely atmosphere there.  It certainly did not feel like being in secondary school.  I found the tutors very helpful and friendly.  Each Friday we did work experience.  I found it made the week in College short and I really enjoyed the three different placements.  On a practical note it gave me the opportunity to have references when I applied for jobs and I was able to add the experience I gained onto my C.V.  Earlier on this year my son and I went to view the art portfolios which were completed by the Art & Design Class.   It was lovely to meet some of the tutors which I had for modules and even nicer that they actually remembered me – which I guess proves how personal an interest they take in their students.
I completed the course in May 2012 and by September I was in full-time employment in a crèche.

For students leaving Secondary School I genuinely believe that doing a PLC Course is a really good option.   It’s like a gentle transition from Secondary School to College and will give the student a glimpse of what College life is like – modules, assignments and deadlines.

I hope anyone who decides to do a course in Moate Business College enjoys the experience as much as I did.


Catherine Bracken