About Erasmus+

What is Erasmus+ ?

The Erasmus+ programme today is designed to foster a skilled and dynamic work force within the European Union. It allows students in vocational education and training to undertake temporary transnational training/work placements over a 3 week period, gaining an understanding of different cultures, languages and work practices.

It allows organisations to work with European partners, in order to exchange practices and increase expertise of students whilst abroad. Essentially it is a European Funded programme that allows students in further education to travel to and work in a European country in order to improve and develop individual’s personal, social and professional skills.

The demand for Erasmus+ projects has increased in Moate Business College over the last few years with students benefiting from placements in Italy and Romania. Next year new projects will also be starting in Spain.

Further details regarding Erasmus+ projects can be found on the official Erasmus+ website  or you can subscribe for the Erasmus+ Newsletter 

Some Important things to know about the Erasmus+ Project and Moate Business College:

  • Three weeks in a European country –  Flights, accommodation & insurance are funded under the project
  • Accommodation for the most part will be in host families.
  • Organised Work Placements
  • Back-up support from college and host countries
  • Preparatory Language & Cultural lessons in MBC before you travel.

Benefits of Partaking in a Mobility Experience at Moate Business College:

  •  Relevant Work Placements
  •  European Funding
  •  Living in a European Country for three weeks
  •  Meeting new people
  •  Sight seeing in new country
  •  Work Placements can be used as part of QQI Work Experience
  •  Europass Certification
  •  Personal Development