Timisoara 2018
Pinerolo 2018

European Erasmus+ Project 2017-2018

2017 – 2018 proved to be another very successful year in Moate Business College with regards to the planning and delivery of the Erasmus+ programme. This year 36 students across all cohorts of study in the college travelled for three weeks to four European destinations – Oscaso & Pinerolo in Italy and Timisoara & Orastie in Romania. Erasmus+ is a European Funded programme that allows students in Further Education to travel to and work in a European country in order to improve and develop individual’s personal, social and professional skills.

This year students worked in a variety of work placement settings varying from State Penitential Services, Centres for Special needs, Crèches, Hospitals, Schools, Small Industries, Offices, and Art Centres. These work placements allowed the students to gain invaluable and relevant experience for their studies in Moate Business College and future careers. The college looks forward to increased success next year and it is envisaged that a larger number of students will take part in the Erasmus+ programme travelling to more European Countries in 2019.

Osasco Work and Play 2018
Orastie 2018

A Student’s Experience

Tetiana Bulkah, a Level 6 Tourism student in Moate Business College perfectly sums up her Erasmus+ experience when she says “I was extremely happy to take part in the Moate Business College Erasmus+ project and really appreciated the opportunity to visit Italy and find out more about Italian people, their lifestyle, traditions, everyday life, interests, modern trends and problems. It was a very interesting experience during which I could exchange ideas and opinions with Italian students. I feel that it is only the beginning of my Italian adventure. I discovered this country and would love to go back. Thank you Erasmus+”