What is Europass?

Europass is a new initiative which aims to help people make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe, thus facilitating the mobility of both learners and workers. The Europass documents have been designed in such a way as to help people chronicle their skills and competences in a coherent manner, whether they are planning to enroll in an education or training programme, looking for a job, or getting experience abroad.
Europass consists of a portfolio of five documents as follows:

Two documents which individuals can complete independently:

  • Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Europass Language Passport


Three documents which are completed by the competent organisation on behalf of the individual:

  • Europass Mobility
  • Europass Certificate Supplement
  • Europass Diploma Supplement


The Irish National Europass Centre (NEC) is located within the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland. It is the national agency for Europass in Ireland and represents Ireland in the European network for Europass.
For students who complete an Erasmus + Project through Moate Business College they will be presented with a Europass Mobility Certificate in recognition for the time and work in a European Country.
Certificates are presented to participants in the Annual College Graduation in November.

Further details on Europass can be found on the Europass Website

Introduction to Europass Mobility Certificate

The Europass Mobility is a personal document, which is used to record an organised period of time (a mobility experience) that a person spends in another European country for the purpose of learning or training.

Who might use Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility is intended for any person undergoing a mobility experience in a European country, whatever their age or level of education. Europass Mobility might be helpful to you if you are undertaking any of the following:

  • a work placement in a company abroad
  • a student undertaking a term abroad as part of a higher education programme
  • a worker undertaking a voluntary placement in an NGO

The Europass Mobility document is completed by Moate Business College. It contains information regarding the individual, the purpose and duration of the mobility experience, the training and skills acquired abroad etc.