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Support for Learners at MBC

MBC Student Services


Student Support Services

MBC is committed to providing, as far as possible, supports for the learner to maximise learning potential and minimise barriers to the learner’s educational progress.  We will make every effort to provide both academic and non-academic supports aimed at enriching the learning experience for students.









More information can be found on:  Fund for Students with Disabilities


Registering for Support:

If you have a disability, a specific learning difficulty or a mental health difficulty, you should register with Student Support Services. We recommend that you register as early as possible so that the appropriate supports that you may need are put in place.

Register through our Student Support Services, using the link below:

  • FSD Student Supports Registration Form
  • Check that you have the appropriate documentation for proof of your disability from a practitioner (specialised consultant), a letter from your GP will not suffice.
  • When a student is fully registered a meeting will be organised to discuss your educational needs with you and see what supports need to be put in place.
  • Please call into the Student Supports Services Room in the main building or email for more information.


Career Guidance and Counselling Support

At Moate Business College, we offer a Career Guidance and Counselling Service to all students for the duration of their studies. 

We provide a student-centred service, supporting students in gaining the maximum benefit from their college experience.  The Careers Officer can help you make informed decisions about your study and career choices for the future.  It is a free service which allows students to address career, education, and personal issues.

The Careers Service can help you:

  • With information, advice and guidance on training, education and careers
  • Identify your interests, skills, abilities and goals
  • Explore your options for the future

The Guidance Service offers:

  • One-to-one career guidance, helping students realise their full potential
  • Career Workshops
  • Advice and practical guidance on planning your career
  • Provision of up-to-date information on courses and careers
  • Support in adjusting to college life
  • Support for mature students returning to education
  • Guest Speakers from Higher Education Institutes
  • Advice on further study options and progression routes and links, including the CAO Process
  • Support on Study Skills and Examination Techniques
  • Assistance on seeking employment
  • Advice on CV Preparation and Interview Techniques in preparation for the working world

Counselling Support

The ‘Personal Support Service’ offered at MBC is part of the overall Student Support Services. It offers a safe and supportive environment to students dealing with the challenges and stresses that are so often part of the transition to college. This service is intended to meet the needs of the whole student body, so anyone can feel free to meet up for a once-off chat, to talk through a difficulty or to engage with the service over a few sessions. The aim is to increase self-awareness and in doing so, become more empowered around choices. In short, it can help you to discover and maintain a more positive outlook during your studies at MBC.